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Internal doors

Below we present the examples of our interior doors.

We produce any door model according to individual requirements of our customers. For each model, we can add side and top illumination (fixed, movable), choose illumination from a different model, change the type of glazing or cover it. Each model can be made non-rebated, as well as a sliding (with wall-mounted guide system). We use colour for an individual sample. Basic door prices can be viewed by double-clicking on the selected door picture. Prices are given for doors in oak lining, in standard dimensions (dimensions of the outer frame: 91 x 210 cm), with a standard wooden door frame 9x5.5 cm, staining from our palette, and basic accessories. The price does not include: assembly, door fitting, transport costs. More information can be found in the “Additional information” tab.

Modern internal doors

Classic internal doors


Bathroom doors


Solid interior doors

Good to know

Dear Customers, we encourage you to familiarise yourselves with the following information. Here you will find information about basic and additional door accessories, as well as pricing specifications, etc.

Basic external doors accessories:

  • standard doorframe (9 cm x 6 cm),
  • door frame 56 mm thick,
  • lower lock,
  • seal,
  • glazing,
  • three sets of hinges adjustable in three planes,
  • doorsill,
  • painting - doors are always painted a given shade of the colour (colours available on pine: brown, dark brown, mahogany, white)

Additional external doors accessories:

  • handle,
  • upper lock with a trigger,
  • insert (i),
  • interlocking door bolts,
  • electric strikes,
  • caps for hinges,
  • aluminium doorsill cap,
  • peephole,
  • door closer,
  • door knocker,
  • colour – upon customer's request and at their responsibility,
  • RAL colour for an extra charge.

Basic internal doors accessories:

  • standard doorframe (9 cm × 6 cm),
  • door frame 46 mm thick,
  • seal,
  • key lock, toilet (additionally, insert lock or economical lock at choice, free of charge),
  • two sets of hinges adjustable in three planes,
  • doors are varnished with a natural varnish - half-matte

Additional internal doors accessories:

  • box door-casing,
  • set of flat decorative slats; width: 7 cm (Angle 45°),
  • a set of quadrant mouldings,
  • doorsill,
  • colour from our spectrum,
  • handle,
  • insert,
  • caps for hinges,
  • ventilation sleeves (circular or square),
  • crowns, carved elements
  • brushed slats
  • we bore holes for the sleeves free of charge after a previous consultation,
  • RAL colour for an extra charge.

Please note that the prices apply to basic doors in standard dimensions and are net.

What is included in the price?

  • doors in standard dimensions 80’s (91×210), 90's (101×210 cm)
  • with a standard door frame 9 cm × 6 cm
  • with basic set of accessories,
  • external doors in colours from the offered spectrum,
  • internal doors in colours from the offered spectrum,
  • no installation,
  • no tax,
  • no transport*.

*option to be agreed upon; applies to transport to places located more than 300 km from the company's registered office.

Any change made after placing an order must be confirmed in writing - by fax or e-mail, at the same time the recipient agrees to cover in full the costs incurred due to the changes.

Net price
price excluding VAT
Value-Added Tax
the appropriate rate of tax on goods and services
8% - applies only to purchases with assembly performed by our company in the MUNICIPIAL BUILDING,
23% - purchase of doors by natural person and business entities
0% - export of goods outside Poland, the goods are taxed at the rates at the destination by the Receiving Party; this obligation must be fulfilled by the End Customer.
Gross price
value of goods / services including tax – total due amount.

By placing an order, the customer agrees to the processing of his data for the purpose of execution of the order and settlement.
He represents that he accepts our production technology, and has read and agrees to the warranty terms and conditions.


  • For external doors, each design has a matching glass panes; for convex glass, the shade can be chosen: “Antisol” - these panes are mounted as standard. The “Reflex” can also be chosen - the change is free of charge. There is also a possibility to order small glass panes flat on both sides, either in the case of antisol or reflex mirror variants.
  • In the side lighting, for the width of 40 cm, convex glass panels can be installed; for the smaller width models - only flat glass panels or a flat panel.

Customised finish with a specific colour is possible, but in that case the Customer is responsible for the end result, especially when he provides the paints which are bound to be applied.

In the case of “non-standard” orders, signing a declaration concerning the “distinctness” of your order is necessary.

What is a non-standard order?

  • doors in non-standard sizes, made to specific measure,
  • doors on a box door casing of the same thickness as the wall,
  • double-leaf doors,
  • or doors with an additional fanlight (side or upper), or with fanlights,
  • it is also the case with all the completely new products, new models made according to the customer's wishes and guidelines.

Declarations concerning the customized nature of your order are necessary to keep internal documentation, the production control register (Procedure PR 08.01), in order. The customer's signature confirms that they are aware that the doors purchased are made for an individual order; while placing your order, your signature is treated as the confirmation of this statement.

Ordering additional accessories, especially handles, motivates customers to make full payment even if the customer changes their mind and purchases them on their own. Attention! We, as a company, sometimes have to wait for the delivery of ordered handles to our address even for 3-5 weeks from the moment of placing the order. Therefore, we would appreciate a quick decision as most of the models are made to order.

Goods not fully paid-up are legally the property of the manufacturer in their entirety; only after making full payment do they become the full property of a buyer, who can administer them according to his own wishes.

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